Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Get COVID Tools?

A. Get COVID Tools is an online platform that aims connect local doctors, hospitals, and medical providers to alternative solutions such as essential PPE supplies while recognizing makers and individual suppliers who contribute.

Q. How is Get COVID Tools impactful?

A. There are many unsung heroes and makers who could be a blessing to society by contributing important materials to those who need it the most. In tough times of COVID-19, there are countless medical providers who are running out of supplies such as masks, gloves, sanitary sprays, ventilators, etc. In addition to the crisis, we are aware of the price-gouging, aggressive bidding, disjointed communication that interferes with getting supplies to those who need it the most. As passionate engineers and graduates of Purdue University, we created this platform so that real makers can connect and send the proper supplies to real providers.

Q. Where can use this platform?

A. Our platform is open to a wide audience. However, we are mainly focusing on those in the United States.

Q. Are there any fees to sign up or use?

A. No. It is FREE to sign up. As a healthcare provider, we operate on good-faith that you will follow-through with any tipping promised (optional), such as compensating makers for their shipments. Makers do not incur any fees for using the platform. Although, tipping is encouraged, no currency-based transactions or purchases are conducted on this platform.

Q. Do campaigns expire?

A. Campaigns expire when they do not have any contributors in 30 days. Campaigns are considered completed when the goal has been reached. An expired or completed campaign simply means it will no longer be listed publicly, but can be accessed privately via URL.

Q. Will I get paid for contributing?

A. No, you will not necessarily receive any payments for contribution. If a provider promises a tip, it is in their good-faith to tip you for your contributions through your PayPal or Venmo information. We are not financially involved in any campaign transactions. We will not be liable for any financial related offers committed by any party who uses this platform whatsoever.

Q. Can I help other than donating supplies?

A. Yes. If you are an organization that wishes to sponsor our platform/development or are an individual who wishes to help us improve the platform, please email us at support(@)

Q. How are shipments managed?

A. Shipments are handled by the maker/supporter by their own means. For example, pickups can be scheduled online through carries such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. The maker/supporter is responsible for shipping the items promised to the address provided by the doctor, hospital, or provider.

Q. Are the healthcare providers validated?

A. Yes, our platform validates doctors and facilities through the publicly available National Provider Identification registry. This is to make sure that the supplies are being sent to legitimate professionals and not a seller or solicitor.

Q. Who can create campaigns?

A. Almost any doctor, pharmacist, hospital, or medical professional can sign up and create campaigns to request needed supplies.