About Us

Our mission

To help local hospitals & facilities gain alternative solutions to essential COVID supplies while recognizing makers who contribute.

COVID Crisis Problems

The Need for a Unified Way to Help

Many people may have excess supplies or some makers may even be in the capacity to create custom masks, face shields, hand sanitizers, and other supplies that could be life-saving tools when used by medical professionals for battling COVID19. The public is not currently aware of the potential impact and appreciation that their supplies may provide to the general community. Many individuals may be able to help, but need a call-to-action, honorable recognition, potential compensation, or perhaps a unified means that allows them to choose which health organization to donate to.

Bidding War

Prices for cleaning supplies & face masks have increased drastically due to COVID. Because there is a demand for these supplies, people have taken this as an opportunity to get rich off of supplies they already have. Our goal is to create a platform that prevents price-gouging, bidding, or bribing for supplies. Instead, makers, suppliers, and health professionals are united to communicate and come to request and volunteer as they please.

Makers Feel Less Contributive

Big corporations, like Microsoft & Tesla, are already making their contribution to supply tools & money to communities. In such a pandemic, every contribution counts even if the supplies are coming from makers and smaller suppliers. Makers need to feel that their contributions are just as meaningful as those offered by larger organizations. With enough support, our community can make a big difference and a positive global impact.

Improvements from Prior Art

Our system improves upon some existing means for individuals and established organizations to request for help as well as report progress publicly. With the awareness that tools such as Facebook groups, forums for volunteering, and other statistical dashboards are available out there, our aim is to make a tool specifically focused on meaningful donations. Our platform, getCOVIDtools.com, is a purpose-driven platform that allows people to help in their capacity with whatever supplies they have.

Are you a Maker?

Use this site to share and ship your alternative products to requested organizations, and gain recognition!

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Are you a Hospital Facility?

Use this site to reach out to makers/suppliers and create requests for PPE solutions!

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